WideTax Inc. BBB Business Review
WideTax Inc. BBB Business Review
WideTax Inc. BBB Business Review

About Tatiana Loughman, EA, Chartered Economist ® Accredited Management Accountant ® 

Tatiana Loughman, EA, ChE is here to assist you with your substantive business and tax tasks. The services are:
-business bookkeeping,
-individual and business taxes,
-as well as negotiating your tax debt with the IRS!

I have years of experience and a variety of qualifications. My services are very flexible and can be added or changed per your requests. I’m looking forward to discussing your business needs, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

Contact for more information at 

e-mail: Tatiana@widetax.com
call:  (888) 78 MyTax
text:  (220) 201 9381

Our philosophy


There is no alike business and no alike taxpayer. I believe that the taxpayer is always right and deserves diligent & quality service from an experienced professional. 

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Individual Taxes

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Business Taxes

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IRS Letter Help

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Unfiled Taxes

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Penalties Resolution

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Offer In Compromise

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IRS Communication 

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“Taxpayer is always right*” meaning that I trust taxpayers and put their rights first. Taxpayers will receive a correction- opinion regarding their operations, in case they are mistaking. 

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